I've had a camera in my hand sincd I was a kid....as long as I can remember, because i have always loved to capture moments in a creative way.  


My years in the corporate world as a financial advisor, developed my approach to helping my clients by becoming a partner with them.  I have adopted this client service model in my photography business.  As a businesses owner of more than 20 years, I bring a skill set to  has instilled sense of 


, I was blessed with the opportunity to pursue my passion full time.


I love to capture memories that will last for years to come... they provide a window into the past and let us relive those special feelings that seem to 



I have come to discover that we all pretty much want the same things... to be understood, treated with respect, and valued as a client.  These are the elements that are the foundation of my client service model.  I want to understand what you need and want out of your photography, and how I can be a part of your team on the day of your event.  Enabling you to focus on making memories and know they will be artfully captured




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